About Us

Why choose Friends and Companions?

Friends and Companions is a Day Health Care provider with locations in Knox, Laurel and Whitley County.  All Centers are licensed by the Kentucky Department of Health and Human Services to provide skilled nursing care, therapy services, leisure activities and supervision to individuals who are unable to function independently.


Friends and Companions provides support, supervision, medical care and stimulation that can't be replicated in an individual's home.  It's a place of comfort and caring that offers families an opportunity to give loved ones an improved quality of life.


The staff of Friends and Companions know how challenging it can be to have a family member lose independence.  The demands on the caregiver are great, making it difficult to continue working or meet other family responsibilities.  Friends and Companions works with you, the physician, and the participant to design an individually tailored plan which will result in an exceptional experience for the participant and give peace of mind and much needed respite to the caregiver. 


Mission Statement - 


Friends and Companions will provide
health care supervision in a home-like environment, which encourages independence, self-esteem and dignity to frail or challenged individuals of all ages, who are physically or mentally unable to maintain total independent living.